Risk assessment of plaque rupture and future cardiovascular events by multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging



Esaote Europe B.V.
Maastricht, NL
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ESAOTE is a leading research company in the EU in the field of ultrasound systems for medical applications.

Academic partners

Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, NL
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The CVBM group at TU/e is specialized in model-predictive clinical decision support. The PULS/e lab is specialized in ultrasound functional imaging, including elastography and photoacoustics, and combining these in vivo measurements with patient-specific models of the cardiovascular system. The group has a strong collaboration with many clinical partners to ensure clinical introduction of these new techniques.
Enschede, NL
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UTWENTE is a pioneer in photoacoustic imaging, and has particularly expertise in transducer characterisation, phantom development and validation, quantitative photoacoustic imaging, photoacoustic and ultrasound tomography, speed-of-sound imaging, and clinical translation of photoacoustic imaging technology.
Paris Descartes University
Paris, F
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The department of pharmacology of UPD is specialized in the pharmacology of the cardiovascular system and in evaluation of large artery phenotype in monogenic and multi-genic diseases of the arterial wall.
University of Bern
Bern, CH
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UNIBE is a research centre specialized in biomedical photonics with strong competence in ultrasonic speed-of-sound and multi-spectral quantitative photoacoustic imaging as well as in the development of general proposes Monte Carlo light propagation software.
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Bochum, D
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RUB is specialized in ultrasonic and photo-acoustic imaging for medical applications. The main research topics are signal processing methods and linear as well as nonlinear reconstruction algorithms for advanced acoustic imaging.

Industrial partners

Paris, F
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BrightLoop Converters is specialized in custom power supplies. Its R&D department possesses all the tools, including finite-element simulation, to design, prototype and validate ultra-short, ultra-high current pulses driver for laser diodes.
SILIOS Technologies
Peynier, F
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SILIOS is a leading company in the shaping of high energy or high power laser beams and in the design and the manufacturing of DOE’s for laser beam shaping applications.
Paris, F
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LUMIBIRD is the leading manufacturer of nanosecond pulsed lasers. Its diode department is worldwide recognized for the high peak power, high efficiency and reliability of its laser diode sources.
tp21 GmbH
Berlin, D
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tp21 is specialized in the project design, application writing and in management of interdisciplinary EU-funded research projects and clinical trials. tp21 supports the project implementation and progress monitoring, the dissemination / communication activities, and the exploitation of research results.